About The 3DCT Scanning Machine

3D technology allows endodontic diagnostics and treatments to be done right in the office. This new technology can sometimes eliminate the need for exploratory surgery. Patients benefit from more accurate diagnoses that can reduce the number of required visits for treatment and follow-ups.

Depending on the conditions and the potential future outcomes, non-surgical treatment planning may be recommended. The added value of the advanced technology is the precision of diagnoses; and because of this, patients see a higher rate of improved dental health with less pain.

Today’s 3DCT X-ray is critical in determining the proper treatment the first time. With the help of this technology, future conditions can be predicted based on the tooth’s structure. The 3D picture has gone beyond the traditional x-ray process of the past. These images are helping to identify other conditions that may affect the healing process. These same terms may have changed or prevented previous root canal treatments from working. Some patients continue to have infections or problems even after proper root canal therapy. The 3D imagery may be able to determine the actual cause of the tooth failing to heal completely.

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